An effort to establish an Open Source Society in the University!

Very far away from the hustle and bustle of cities, I study at Jaypee University of Information Technology. A beautiful and seiren campus with pool of people with multidimensional talents! After all people here, are those who missed IITs’ or NITs’ by just few single digit marks.

JUIT from Hill Top in Night. Credits: @sagarpanwar

This is what I see every night! JUIT one of the most beautiful campus in India!

When lights glow up on hills in night, It feels like every evening is followed by some festival! It fascinated me and later I even wondered how they made all these on hills!

A place where Sky is so beautiful and Clear! I wanted to breath oxygen for my whole life, when i first came to this place.

Yes, Himachal Pradesh, where nature is beautiful like nowhere else. I readily fell in love with all the 50 shades of Himachal.

I joined this university in July 2016, as I stepped into this place, I fell in love with the campus, nature and the people. We have got lots of Clubs here, be it Tech, Cultural, Dramatics or one of the most demanded Literary Club. So the University is always full of activities and events. It’s more happening than any other campus.

Who wouldn’t love to live at a place like this! I wanted myself to escape somewhere in the wilderness of nature!

I was more inclined towards the technical things to do, and I am glad I started like this! After all I was a freshman studying Engineering.

I picked up things not so fast! I still remember all the difficulties with handling #include<stdio.h> for the couple of weeks.

But time kept passing, with every new days I learnt something new. I explored the beauty of codes and Nature, How could I miss this opportunity to fall in love with the Nature. Very soon, I became familiar with codes and programming.

#Manali Trip: An Experience for the life time!

I could never stick to any single thing in my 1st semester. I wondered what else are more in the world of electronics and computers. I am thankful to myself thatI did explore only that time. At Least, I came to know about my interest this way. So I tried lot of things, to name few: I tried web development from the core of my heart and fingers! Tried, built up few things and moved on!

Then I tried to be a coding ninja! Yes, competitive coding. I loved it, pretty soon I got a respectable scorecard on Hackerrank. Tried few more online judges like Codechef, SPOJ! I do competitive coding almost regularly but I realised these things did not excite me so much.

Luckily, I went to give interviews for almost every club and was selected for all of them! Next came to my decision of prioritizing things! I was biased with Dramatics and Technical!

I followed my biased heart and became part of Young Thespians and ACM-JUIT. I tried to idolize my seniors, Days passed and so did the months.

My junkyard during the 1st sem!
A project with Raspberry Pi! One of the most prized possession.

I had few Goals for my 1st semester, though not every Goal was achieved but I ritually completed some of my set tasks and challenges! Except for the CGPA!

By the end of 1st sem, I did wonderful job, and I rated myself 3.5/5

The only thing I disliked about those 6 months are they passed very fast!

As January started, JUIT welcomed me in my 2nd sem! All set for a new sem, with new goals and new fear of low CPI! I started this time more smartly, not just exploring but decoding my interests!

Well, I made Python my primary language, started to working more on Robotics, escalated my Open Source Contribution. Learnt more about git flow! Did commendable job in learning few simulation tools like Gazebo, Eagle! Deployed ROS codes. Talked to my terminal in BASH! Told my Terminal to remind me to drink water every 30 minutes, that too in BASH! :D

Made python my best friend, sometimes it does some works too. Python now plays music for me, mail to someone on behalf of me, changes my wallpaper, talks to me. Wish Birthday someone on behalf of me on my Facebook.

Wrote few wonderful documentation with LaTeX! Applied for GSoC ‘2017.

So actually, with developing my skillset, I was trying to give back something to the University! This.

JOSS | JUIT Open Source Society: An open Source Community at JUIT

As the only team member of this society I created this website.

And This.

AURS | JUIT Aerial and Underwater Robotics Society

The other freshmen here were so relaxed! I sometime felt like the people around me are not doing engineering. They are good, no doubt. But they have made themselves very idle! They just flock to Shimla or Solan every weekend for hanging out and rest of the time they devoted it to either movies/series or doing nothing!

Honestly, I am not a geek, I did so many things other than just technical, ranging from Putting Flex and Banners on Hostel buildings in Murious XI , Organizing IPR workshops and performing on the streets of Solan! Nukkad Natak-The street Play! And something to cheer forever, 2nd Prize in University’s Halla Bol, street play competition.

Fast forward few weeks, I started cursing myself for staying here in this University. I didn’t find it to be at par my expectation. We do almost everything except developing new things! We just copy and paste ideas from Instructables and Hackerday! Does things work like this!! These things saddend me more, when I heard about others! I knew there is no way to get things changed just by criticizing others. But still I did! I had a raainbow of emotions with confusion and state of turmoil.

Don’t know how but I met with some of the most hardworking and motivating seniors! This was the time when I started to work more hard to establish new trends! I got few people who were curious to know things but pretty afraid to try new things. Some even feared of moving to Linux.

After the 3 months of learning new skills, I was finally able to motivate 9 other people toward FOSS, Linux and other amazing things.

Things now seem to change, but we have way more to go, toward making this University like IITs’ or BITS or NITs’. So, be whatever, I will always be committed to make this place a better University for my Juniors! Will you?

You may visit my webcorner.

There are some other places, where I have written more than this!

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